Snow Sprints, Fare-Wells, NP Expansion & World Takeover.

When Ma Nature, as BG likes to call her, drops 2 feet of snow on Harvard stadium we have to look for alternate ways to stay in motion. This morning instead of our usual river loop (a fallback workout when the stadium is not accessible) we decided to run sprints on snow covered baseball field. 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds ACTIVE REST without stopping for a total of 20 minutes. This “ON” was at a full speed sprint. If you thought that the workout was easy – you weren’t doing it right. Sprint = all out run. If you’re jogging, you’re taking it easy, and taking it easy will not get you faster.

As much fun as we had during the workout we were also sad to say our fare wells to the Breck family. Hannah, Mieke (first mother/daughter duo of the tribe) and Jim (first ever #DestinationDeck_Afghanistan) will not be training with the Boston tribe anymore. We will miss your positivity, tenacious work ethic, smiles, hugs, high fives, and just plain ol’ badass attitude that you brought to all our workouts. Good luck in DC/South America and we hope to see you soon! The Tribe Is Strong.

As we say fare wells to one family, we’re embracing a new one. That’s right folks, November Project opens its first official location outside of Boston, MA. Madison, WI where people bring #weatherproof concept to a completely new level. Our friends from Madison, lead by one and only, Daniel Graham (you may have heard that name before), have been meeting for few weeks to run up Bascom Hill. They call this workout “Give Lincoln His Goddamn Pennies Back” or just “Lincoln’s Pennies” for short. You can also call it “The Lincoln Project” but ONLY AFTER you’ve done it with the #NPMadtown squad. I got special permission from DG, signed and notarized, to use this term only once in this post and will never again until I do the workout personally. “Lincoln’s Pennies” is a badass, interactive workout done in pairs and exclusive developed at the #NPMadtown location. The world takeover plan is officially in motion. Welcome aboard Madison – We love you!

Speaking of world takeover… As many tribe members have brought to our attention, Good Morning America will be shooting their morning TV program or “show” this Friday morning from Faneuil Hall. The suggestion has been brought up many times to head down and make a scene. After much debate, here is the plan: This Friday we’ll meet at the Government Center T stop at 6:20AM sharp (run there). Once there, we’ll strip down to shorts, #GrassrootsGear T’s, shades, and whatever else will help bring on the warm weather and jog as a group down to Faneuil Hall. We’ll do a 30 min circuit that will land us on the show and send the message of FREE FITNESS & BETTER COMMUNITY to the whole country. It’s Friday, let’s get a little weird. We’ll call it, #DestinationWorldTakeOver or #NPTV or #MonkeyScene or ALL of the above. See you there.

Wisconsin Notes:
We sprinted for 20 minutes in ice-covered snow & scrapped all of our shins.
We said good-bye to solid group of humans that we will miss dearly.
November Project is officially expanding to Madison, WI (those scores from the workout are below)
On Friday we will be respectfully disruptive on a Nationally broadcasted “news source”/talk show. This World takeover is in motion.

Name Time
Mollie Meldahl + Dan Graham 0:28:15
Natalie Giao + Mollie Meldahl 0:28:30
Kate Austin + Steven Fons 0:29:20
Katie Kocher + Sarah Lindstrom 0:30:30
Sarah Lindstrom + Paige Hopper 0:33:13
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