Blizzard of 2013

As we hunker down to weather the storm we reminisce of the olden days of 12 hours ago when we ran 4Full in the hills of Brookline, the public transportation was operating, roads were clear, and the state troopers were enjoying their cup of Dunkin’. Now the roads and MBTA tracks are covered in white powder, winds are gusting close to 50mph and staties are pulling off the road anyone that’s not driving a plow. And we’re not even close to the peak of this storm. This folks is the Blizzard of 2013.

And we will deal with November Project style. On Sunday at 1pm we will meet in Boston Common to build a snow castle of projected 2ft of snowfall. Bring the shovels, buckets, spoons, whatever you think can help you build the most badass snow castle – it will be epic. In the meantime make sure that you stay safe and warm. Also if your neighbor needs help digging out their car don’t be a stranger – offer your hand. It’s a great gesture as well as pretty sweet core workout.

On Monday we’re hosting #DestinationDeck at McCurdy Track by Harvard stadium. See you there at 6:30am. #WeekendEarned

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