Jule Slootbeek is a FULL Heartbreak!

Jule is a heartbreaker. Slootbeek, his family name, in his native Dutch language means “boy who tells non-truth,” or as many children of the 1980’s would refer to as a “Pinocchio kinda dude.” That’s right folks, Jule Slootbeek, AKA Jule Woodenbeek, AKA Again Faster-to-snooze, broke our heart last week when he TWEETED OUT, that’s right, TWEETED OUT this message on Tuesday just before laying his head (and wooden nose) down to sleep:

“@Nov_Project Here’s my #verbal for Harvard. Bring it. #Rise&Race”

Now, to better explain how our policy works on “dropping verbals,” and/or “making a commitment to joining a workout,” we’d like to use our good friend and local badass Jon Gilson as an example. Now, Jon is the leader and visionary behind Again Faster Equipment and to this day NOT a member of November Project. You may see Jon walk into a room and say, “Wow, I am going to rip your head off today and then text your mom.” One of the many things that makes Jon so fucking cool is that he actually follows through. Moments later, their will be a headless body on the ground and a pending text waiting on your mom’s semi-smart phone. Jon may also say something like, “Hey, that November Project tribe is fucking awesome.” Notice, Jon never said anything about showing up or committing to join us. THIS friends is totally fair game and we hold nothing but love for him. So please, let’s all take a lesson from Jon Gilson and do what we say we’ll do and not break our word once its been said or Tweeted or posted or blasted or whatever. I’ll bet you that on the the day JG says, “I’ll see you in the morning November Project,” that the guy will keep his word.

In closing, Jule is a Slootbeek and an amazing athlete. We love having him train as such an important local & international member of November Project. All we ask is that next time you drop an E-Verbal that you set a double alarm with enough time to rise, shine, pluck your wooden nose hairs, and get to the 6:30AM workout in time for the pre-workout hug session.

We Missed You Jule Slootbeek.

PS: Bring your iPad to all workouts in the future. People want to see AF’s NP creation.

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