Heard the news? (YEG)

Awesome morning of stairs with the tribe…the best part other than the newbies, smiling faces, impromptu dance party, hugs, high fives, and people crushing each section, was the fact that I could actually see each stair below my feet the whole time! & you know what that means…? It means that we are beginning to transition from the dark season to the light seasons…& you know what that means…? You’ll have to work for that answer…read this for a hint.

My other favourite moment today was when tattletaler Joel let me know that this was heard at the bottom of the stairs…”Oh I hear Jen coming, we’d better get moving!” I take pride in the fact that I may induce a little anxiety into those of you who might pause a little longer than required at the bottom of those stairs. My encouragement, push, drive, challenge is simply intended to remind you that you are stronger than you allow yourself to be. Plus I want to ensure that you are in tip top shape for the second edition of the infamous Sunshine 6K that will be happening in June. Jim Prentice may have dropped the writ this week but NPSanFran threw down the gauntlet. They were the fasted city in the first Sunshine 6K.

More NP news from News Channel 19 (#NewsCh19) is that the 3rd Annual November Project Summit will be hosted in Park City, Utah. (By the way we hold the prestigious honour of hosting the first ever NP Summit!) Last year we were in Madison, Wisconsin where Nadim and I ran the marathon relay along with all of the other citys’ tribe leaders and some of our very own NPCanada tribemates. We would love it if even more of our NPCanada tribe was represented in Utah this year. Rumour has it that some YEG teams have already registered.

If you are as excited about this epic event as we are you can plan to stay at the Sheraton in Salt Lake City. There will be some kind of discount code coming soon. Also, the code for signing 2 or 4 person teams up for the relay is “NP25UT” which can be used here:  http://www.thenorthface.com/en_US/endurance-challenge/park-city-utah/ to sign up today (the race will fill up). Chat with Nadim and I if you have any questions…warning…we will pressure you into coming!

Until next time, SMILE! J


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