Welcome to Dark Season (YEG)

Every year, around the beginning of October, it gets dark. It’s so dark, that even by the end of our workout, there is no light. As a result, the Stair Planning Committee, (established in February of this year) has decided that despite the badass-ness of the stadium, we will be heading back to the Royal Glenora Stairs for Dark Season. Other factors that played into our decision included the Commonwealth neighbourhood complaining of loud swearing noises early in the morning (not actually true), Ezio Faraone’s statue missing us (possibly true) and the chance to reconnect with our beautiful river valley (undoubtedly true).

We’ve had some great memories at the Stadium. We’ve sprinted to the top. We have chewed some gristle. We have taken every single step there (except around the advertisements – #adfree). We’ll see you again soon Commonwealth, when Light Season returns!

We are going to need EVERY one of you to help with getting 200 people to a Wednesday workout. To be honest, we want to get the entire city moving, so 200 is a good place to start. If everyone recruited ONE person, we will be well on our way. But, once you have recruited ONE person, why not recruit ANOTHER, and then ANOTHER? Why wouldn’t you want to share this amazing thing we have called November Project?

Friday, we are at Emily Murphy Hill. 6am. See you there.



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