Some days are awesome and some days are B-Days (CHI)

Our weather was more akin to a Friday the 13th movie with fog, mist, clamy humidity that clings to the bone and eerie lighting.

Thank goodness the workout, shiny beaming faces, NEW faces and some great Chicago “I don’t give a fuck” attitudes about our schizophrenic weather.

Tough circuit today out in the parking lot (thanks OG NP Boston for the inspiration!) Planks, then burpees followed by sprints. The trifecta relay of sweat. Everyone, and I mean everyone, had filthy hands after digging out the ground work and it was great.

Finished it up with what is now becoming a staple was some solid sprints on the tennis courts. Since no one else was using them they become workout playgrounds.

As our second year continues we continue to see new faces. We miss and look forward to seeing some old ones. Life happens, situations change. Seeing friendly faces after months of being MIA always makes the start of the day better.

Wanted to give a few shout outs to the people who had their birthdays this week. There was a pinata and a slam dunk finished off with an explosion of chocolate. Everyone was a winner. See you all on Friday and or next week!

– AW

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