Guest Blog: The Rankins (DC)

If you’ve been to a workout, you’ve probably seen the Rankin kids. Running around, making friends, smiling, ALWAYS doing the right thing. It’s a little maddening. We asked these stoic heroes to jot down a guest blog on the topic of their choosing. So without further ado, I’ll let Mark and Zoë take it away…

Mark and Zoë Rankin here guest-blogging this week!

Before November Project was even an idea, the Rankins had committed to showing up and respecting the verbal (hugging strangers came much, much later). If there’s one thing our family loves, it’s following through on something crazy we said we would do, that other people might even think is a little stupid. So when NP finally came around, the whole family fit right in.

Soon after Mark (NPDC tribe member) and Kevin (NPNYC co-leader) showed up for the first time at NP, Zoë (NPDC tribe member) and both our parents (Michele and Owen) had made it to workouts (though someone still needs a nap after every 0525 workout).

It’s no surprise to any of us that we all became hooked on the group. And it led us all to do things we never would have imagined for ourselves.

Aboard the Intrepid, Dad did the first slurpee of his life (which was also his first ever burpee).

Us doing stupid things before NP

Instead of Black Friday shopping, we suited up in (mostly) black to see Kevin in action as NPNYC’s co-leader.

black friday workout in NYC

While on vacation in London over Christmas, we all agreed the best cure for jetlag was a #traverbal.

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Us doing stupid things with NP

And to the disbelief of the entire Rankin clan, Zoë continues to show up to 0525 workouts (made possible by the aforementioned nap).

Our family tribe continues to use some healthy peer pressure to #justshowup to NP in DC, NYC and wherever our next family trip takes us. Even if that means skipping out on some sleep to make a workout. (Little culture for you blog readers.) 

So if you’re at a workout and see people who almost (sort-of-kind-of) look like siblings (one, most likely shirtless) and two badass parents, it might just be the Rankins, showing up to do one more stupid thing.  

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 Intrepid workout

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Mom and Mark at a Monday workout in DC 

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes, tree and outdoor

Kevin and Mom crushing some burpees in London

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