NYC + Brooklyn: NYC Half Weekend Update

To our November Project NYC + Brooklyn members and the broader NP community, 

As some of you are aware, NYRR has cancelled its NYC Half, originally scheduled for this Sunday, March 15th. We know this is very disappointing news for many members of our community, especially those finishing up long, winter training schedules and who have been excited to run and/or cheer on this race. That said, we do also understand NYRR’s decision in response to the developing COVID-19 situation here in NYC and its surrounding areas. While we might joke “safety, third (priority)” from time to time here at November Project, the safety and security of not only our members, but also of the wider running community in NYC and beyond, is truly of the utmost importance.  read more

Guest Blog: The Rankins (DC)

If you’ve been to a workout, you’ve probably seen the Rankin kids. Running around, making friends, smiling, ALWAYS doing the right thing. It’s a little maddening. We asked these stoic heroes to jot down a guest blog on the topic of their choosing. So without further ado, I’ll let Mark and Zoë take it away…

Mark and Zoë Rankin here guest-blogging this week!

Before November Project was even an idea, the Rankins had committed to showing up and respecting the verbal (hugging strangers came much, much later). If there’s one thing our family loves, it’s following through on something crazy we said we would do, that other people might even think is a little stupid. So when NP finally came around, the whole family fit right in.
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If 2 Is Company, Then 3 Is Definitely A Party

Growing up, I was puzzled by the expression: “2 is company but 3 is a crowd”. The implication seemed to be that crowds were bad and the company of just one other person was preferred. It made no sense to me; even at a young age I loved interacting with lots of different people. Soccer teams, basketball teams, big family get-togethers, I enjoyed it all. read more

Traverbal: Your Fit Fam is Everywhere (ORL)

Well, currently, in 33 cities and growing around the world, that is where you’ll find November Project to workout and hangout with while traveling.
Noteworthy: search #NP_Pledge and join more fierce workouts with good people in over a dozen cities that are building strong communities in their town. They work hard, play hard and are just as weatherproof. Proud and excited for wild things growing with NP Pledge groups. #Worldtakeover is real.

This travel verbal thing, read #traverbal [‘tra’vərbəl] verb: when one bounces from tribe to tribe.
Over the winter holidays, NP_ORL was lucky to host 18 folks from other NP cities join our workout and get their orange slice of life tagged on their shirts.

Here are some entries from their #TraverbalJournal:

“I love that NP has gotten so big that I get to traverbal so often, especially now in my home state. You get to really experience the different vibes and the unique people from all walks of life that make NP so great. I get to traverbal a lot because of my job.
“Even though every tribe is very different, there are a few things they all have in common. My mom said it best after she left her very NP workout with NP_ORL. She was so amazed by how multigenerational the group is with ages and abilities that spanned the whole spectrum. She felt so welcome and accepted, even though she had never been to a workout before. She had heart and knee surgery a few years ago and ever since then has been very hesitant to join a workout group, thinking that it might be too challenging and she might be pushed too far past her physical limit.
“Asking her to join me at NP wasn’t any different. I could tell she felt nervous intimidated. She stood outside the circle as we were getting ready for the bounce, until Allison and Travis pulled her in to make her officially part of the NP family — she even left with a tagged shirt! Soon she realized that NP was all about doing what you can with some hugs and high fives in between. I could tell she started for feel more comfortable and had a lot of fun. She even had a cheer tunnel as she finished the dock loop!
“I loved being able to share this with her, so that not only could she finally see what all the fuss is about and why I can’t shut up about NP, but also to see her feel comfortable during a workout again.  NP_ORL welcomed us with open arms and made us feel a part of their family. There are no strangers when you show up at the dock — only friends you haven’t yet met.”
— Erica from NP_NYC


— Revere the Wonder Dog from NP_DC

“Returning to my home state and to places where I’ve lived is always tricky; these locations are filled with relics from my past, but returning here always makes it seem less like home. This is why I am so happy to come home and find a November Project Tribe right in my old stomping grounds! It reminds me how I’ll always feel welcome in NP cities.
“NP_ORL has such a bright future with its positive leadership and solid core members. It may seem daunting at first, but in a very brief time, NP will be a household name in Otown.” #fuckyeah
— Justin from NP_BAL


“Coooooots! NP_ORL has coots!!!”
— Macon from NP_NYC & Kami from NP_DC


Never stop exploring.