If 2 Is Company, Then 3 Is Definitely A Party

Growing up, I was puzzled by the expression: “2 is company but 3 is a crowd”. The implication seemed to be that crowds were bad and the company of just one other person was preferred. It made no sense to me; even at a young age I loved interacting with lots of different people. Soccer teams, basketball teams, big family get-togethers, I enjoyed it all.

The fact that I moved away to the city came as no surprise.  

20 years later, I thrive in a city of 8.5 million and am proud to co-lead a Tribe of several hundred neon-tinted, fun-loving humans. We work out hard, laugh harder and help make one of the biggest cities in the world just a little bit more friendly and welcoming each week.

Rob and I love leading NP_NYC and as we thought about how we want the Tribe to grow, through new recruits, enhanced community collaboration and bigger and better events, we realized that the best way to meet these goals would be to welcome a new co-leader to the family. After all, good things always come in threes…


This Wednesday, April 11,  we welcome the newest co-leader of NP_NYC at 6:18 am sharp, with the 6:28am workout led by our newest leader. Just show up, you don’t want to miss this.







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