Guest Blog: Stevie Makes DC Wanna Shout! (DCA)

Yesterday we shouted goodbye to our favorite Ironwoman, nutritionist, Buffalonian, Stevie. You’ve probably seen Stevie running, biking, or swimming her way through Washington–or petting a dog at workouts. Stevie, the enthusiasm you brought to NP workouts, in addition to your rock-solid work ethic have been an absolute joy to be around. There’s no replacing you, and we’ll miss you dearly.


I’ll let Stevie take it away:


How do you measure, measure a year (or six)?

In bounces, in sunrises

In miles, in doggos

In sweat, in hugs

In tears, in laughs


I always knew that someday, these would be the good old days.

Some of you know me very well, some of you know me as that crazy girl who races a lot of Ironmans, others know me as one of those girls that loves doggos, and some of you don’t know me at all. I’m not the fastest, I’m not the strongest, and I’m not the loudest at any workout, but what’s for certain is I give one damn good hips in hug.


As I enter my final days as a District resident after 6 years, it has been impossible to not reflect on what an impact and impression this chapter has left on me. I’ve lost myself and found myself in this city, I’ve learned what type of person I want to be and what type of people I want to have in my life. But most importantly in my time here, the last few years in particular, I’ve learned gratitude.

I’m grateful for the friend who convinced me to #justshowup three and a half years ago (hi, Doc!). I’m grateful to have the opportunity to cross paths with humans I never would have if it weren’t for the group of crazy yahoos who started and those who helped to grow this movement into what it is today. I’m grateful for fitness, movement, and what my body can do. I’m grateful for the consistency of this tribe when everything else in my life seemed to be uncontrollably chaotic. I’m grateful for every moment, every bounce, every hug, every sunrise, and every laugh along this crazy ride.


I didn’t know it at the time, but I was so lost when I first showed up to Lincoln that cold November morning in 2014.  And now as I begin to take some leaps of faith to follow my passions, I’m finally feeling found. NP_DC, thanks for being you and helping me to find that courage to believe in myself again as well as helping me find that inner-weirdo that got silenced.  I’m glad you’re here.






It’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later!! Jason, YogaSteve–take good care of this gem.


Much love, DC

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