Guest Blog by Jenni Stolarski: “What’s It Like?”

According to somebody or something, first impressions can decide the fate of a community as to whether a person will/wants to revisit it. At the same time, community can have a different meaning to anybody, anywhere. Well, at least in a city, like Dallas, which seems to be a melting pot for people from all over the world, that could very well be the case. However, November Project Dallas is doing something right in the first impressions and community departments. Here’s a guest blog by Jenni Stolarski, a Dallas based realtor, who decided to #justshowup to NP Dallas for this past Monday’s Stairs workout:
“What’s it like to have 19 people that you met 53 minutes ago sing you “happy birthday”?

Because that’s what my Monday was. I decided to try November Project Dallas, and today was my first workout. As it goes, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I had was the time, location, and a recommendation from the New York Times to go on. So I rode my bike to the meeting spot and found Tywon, followed soon by Kevin, Hayden and Michelle. In a few minutes, a whole posse of folks arrived. They all seemed pretty stoked to be there even though it was 6AM and we were there to do something called the “stair workout”. Imagine running down 75 stairs, back up 75 stairs, across a short flat surface (somehow called a “break”) then repeat until your legs fall off or 40 minutes pass. Whichever comes first.

Alright, I get it. But what came next was a surprise to me. No sense of being the “new chick”. No “who is this stranger” vibe. Not even a “wonder who’s gonna kick whose booty” sentiment. Just support. And a sense of team. A real we’re-all-doing-this-togther feeling. What an amazing thing?! At one point, I slowed down to a walk, and Yolanda gently hooked her arm through mine. With a soft “you got this,” she picked me back up to a run, and stayed by my side. What a fabulous Day One!

Workout’s over, about to leave, but last thing the co-leader, Manny, asks is “anybody’s birthday?” In all honesty, mine was two days ago. And that’s where 19 people I’ve met 53 minutes ago come in and sing me “happy birthday”.

What’s it like? Let’s just say, I’ll be back later this week for Day Two!” — Jenni Stolarski, Realtor

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