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Four years ago, November Project New Orleans was born. It started with 2 siblings and their friends wanting to start a tribe after reading about it in Runner’s World. New Orleans was a small town with a touristy feel, but the fitness community hadn’t yet exploded into what it is today. These OG leaders built the foundation for something way bigger than any one individual here. One where you can just show up and know that we will be here, smiling, bouncing, and starting our day right. And we owe it to these four for gifting us this community.

Our motto is just step one to the process of making NP what it really is: just show up. My challenge (thanks for the inspo, Des Linden) to you, however, is to keep showing up. Show up when you want to show up. Show up on your hardest of days. Show up when it’s beautiful. Show up when it’s miserable. No matter what, if you keep showing up, I promise you that this tribe, this movement, this city, it will move you. It’ll make your life better. And all you have to do is start by just showing up.

As an ode to this tribe, I’ve asked all past and present leaders to give a quick blurb about just showing up to NP in their words… Enjoy!



“Why show up from a washed up pass co-leader:

After spending the weekend in the motherland and running my first Boston Marathon I realized what showing up did for me during the toughest parts of the toughest race I’ve ever run. I received hundreds, if not thousands of F yeas and other November Project yells during the race because of just two words tagged on a singlet. From awesome volunteers handing out water every mile to individual yells at mile 25 I had an entire family out there throwing out support. It took all I had to raise a thumb and acknowledge that I was picking up the vibes that these voices were throwing out during a much needed time of encouragement as I fought my way to Boylston.  I had thousands of friends out there, most of which I’ve never even met, just for showing up!

Catching up with NP friends post race was icing on the cake. Shout out to former Philly leader Dan Layo and NOLA OG Ryan Cormier. Kate is my sister so she doesn’t count but it was good to see her too! I would not know these great people, except Kate, if I never showed up.”


“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years. When Cameron first pitched the idea of starting a tribe in New Orleans I think my exact response was “What?…. Are you kidding me?” Now you look at things 4 years later and the tribe is stronger than ever. It’s truly a credit to the members who keep showing up. Without everyone showing up and keeping that personal accountability, this experiment never would have survived.”



“Had you asked me four years ago if I would have been in Boston seeing my brother run the Boston Marathon and catching up with friend from November Project, I would have thought you were crazy. From the first workout to this past Monday night, November Project has been such a fun thing to be a part of. It really is a community that has brought people together. From meeting up with John Honerkamp in New York my first month there to always feeling like I have a home.”



“A haiku… because, of course:

A Tribe A Movement

Just Show Up it’s that simple

Four years and growing”



“There are two quotes that I’ve always loved regarding birthdays:

The first is:

“Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.”

As anyone who has “shown up” to November Project with any consistency, at any point in time should know, the most important thing to cherish is the time spent together with good friends. My tribesmen and women from the past, present, and future… you are my truest, dearest and best friends that I will ever have. I love you all.

Your fellow lover of good vibes,







Oh, and the second quote is:

‘Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are cheese.’”



“People in New Orleans don’t like to follow rules, so it’s good that November Project asks only three: 1) Just show up 2) be kind 3) work hard. And even that last one isn’t always a requirement… but out of that simplicity, endless strength and complexities keep showing up. NP works the way a community is supposed to and every community it touches is stronger for it. 4 years on and Nola still isn’t great at following rules but the community is still showing up and undeniably stronger.”



“The best part about this tribe is knowing that I will never spend a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning workout alone. Thank you for accepting me for me and for always being you. Keep showing up… Now here’s a sappy quote to sum up how I feel about each and every one of you… know that you deserve to be seen & heard as you. Because you matter a whole fucking lot and I am so glad you are here.

“There are, literally, thousands of people all around the world who need nothing more than to meet someone just like you. To spend your time pretending to be someone else is just as senseless and fear-driven as spending your time speaking to people who don’t understand you. Find your tribe. Let yourself be seen. You are already someone’s hero.”- Vironika Tugaleva




BIRTHDAY PARTY – This Saturday – Bayou Beer Garden – 12PM BE THERE.

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