Getting Down To It & Racing Everything (PHL)

Early on today the tribe had a little trouble understanding what “top of the steps” & “bottom of the steps” were. Yes, 6:30 a.m. is early for some of you. Yes, some of you (not me) don’t drink coffee pre workout. AND yes, getting 200 people on the same page at one moment may prove difficult sometimes. So, as some may modify during the workout – when y’all question it, leadership will modify the entire workout right then and there. Which is what we did today, to make sure everyone got moving! Big thanks to my co-leader Dan for shouting “The point where you get to where there are no steps in front of you, is the top” (and vice versa).

We ran those steps, top to bottom for 50 minutes this morning, and had another firedrill. Modifications led to drop and give 15 push-ups at the sound of the horn, unless we were at the top or bottom of the steps where we would kick it into high gear for one full-on, balls-to-the wall sprint up and back down the steps. We worked our arms today just as we worked those legs last week… I look forward to hearing from y’all tomorrow about how your arms are feeling! You know what the “only appropriate response is.”photo (5)

Post 50 min body movin’ we gathered at the bottom (where all the steps are laid out in front of you) and split into two teams. One racing squad, one cheering squad. The results were awesome! The tribe is fast and the tribe is supportive.

Amanda passed The Hard Hat along to our super cool friend David. This guy! To know this guy is to love this guy. He is fast, he is strong, he loves every damn person he comes in contact with and we are stoked to see him take the Hat on adventures this week! Congrats DB!

Go be rad for the remainder of your day, week, month, lifetime!

August 17th 6:00 p.m. Get yourself another and an idea together.. We’re going 2 by 2 #betterthanbedtime

Sept 6th – We own the 2nd the water/cheer stop for the inaugural Philly 10k – volunteer sheet is here – FB invite is coming!

Sept 12-14th We got a relay team ready – Who else is coming?? #ECSWI


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