Judy Gets Emotional (YEG)

When Nadim & I were hanging out with the lovely Margeaux Morin of the a national television network last week, she asked us why we do what we do, and why we do it for free.

We’ve had a lot of pretty solid examples of why we do what we do this past month. Getting up early, coming up with silly workouts and shouting loudly before the sun is even up are pretty small prices to pay for what we get out of it. And what we really get is amazing!

We get the chance to be a part of a community, a group of people is otherwise never meet. We get sweaty hugs, dozens of high fives & human interaction; things that are often hard to come by in a fast paced world. We get a guaranteed 30 minutes of unplugging from cellphones, computers, and the stresses of life. We get new friends, connecting with old friends and becoming a part of a new family. We get inspired by every single tribe member every day (seriously, you guys keep me going!) We get stronger legs, healthier hearts and a drive to better ourselves.

And now that I’ve been ridiculously sentimental about the last month that I got to co-lead the tribe…on to more important things. We’re pretty happy to be back in our old stomping ground of the RG stairs this month (Ezio was missing some serious high-five time!), and hopefully no one got too dizzy from somersaults, log roles down hills or whatever your Tuesday night ritual looked like. Friday should be an absolute blast this week and I #doubleverbal that I will be there. If not I can be shamed and made to do 100 burpees.

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