Little Birds (DEN)

REJOICE: today we established a new kickass workout upon the Capitol Building Stairs, with undoubtedly a kickass name for said workout: Little Birds. Umm, OK, like why, but really? YES, please hear me out: Three Little Birds is an awesome Bob Marley Song, and it brings me back to Shane Victorino’s “at-bat” melody during the Red Sox World Series run last year. The Fenway crowd would come to life, rejoicing harmoniously, each time the slugger stepped up to the plate. As we crawl into the dog days of summer… the #NP5280 tribe played the role of the Fenway Faithful sing-songing along as they raced through laps of Little Birds. Convinced?

I didn’t think so, so I’ll continue the analogy: Today’s workout was conceived by the tribe’s resident birdie, Robyn, and the course that we raced was shaped like a lower case ‘b’, awwwhhh shit now I got it. While Molly casually takes her full two-unpaid NP vacation allotment for a lobster bake binge on Cape Cod (filled with plenty of sun tanning, Oxford touch football, and sailing, I’m sure), Robyn filled in to lead the tribe to greatness. Through push, jump, and dip, the tribe persevered.

There have been ponderings of Happy Hour gatherings among our tribe goers. While we appreciate the yearning desire for more quality time with you all, your leaders have been holding off for one reason: . Sunday afternoon August 17th: This Run-Social-Stumble event will take place within the Denver City limits, simultaneously with the other 16 November Project tribes across the continent.

#BetterThanBedtime 101: There is a destination party location that no one knows of. We will post a meeting area and guide the giant group as we run across town to the hidden destination to socialize. The run will be between 5-Km and 5-mi The theme for #BetterThanBedtime will be Noah’s Ark “they came in twos.” Animals? Twinkies? Salt & Pepper Shakers? Use your creative license on this Denver.


Lieutenant Freebird

FRIDAY 8/8 6:15A: Hirshorn Park, 3000 Tejon Street. We get high on hills in the Denver Highlands. #JustShowUp

9/13: Have you signed up a marathon relay team for the Northface Endurance Challenge yet? Don’t forget, all tribes lead to Madison. This will be unreal. Can’t make it to Madison? Let’s drive to Park City and help the Boston Boys sweep the marathon relay podium.

10/19: Sign up TODAY for RnR Denver Marathon or Half Marathon. Use this discount code ROCKNOVPROJECT14 to register online. Your 5280 tribe is going to bring the rukus.


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