Get Out (Washington, D.C.)

Like Chris tumbling backwards and falling deeply into the sunken place, the droll gray skies and bone-chilling temps can have a lot of us feeling as though we’re getting lobotomized throughout the winter (too much? I think not.). Fortunately, like Rod pulling up in the TSA squad car to save Chris, NPDC is here to throw you a lifeline to GET OUT (while you still can). If you haven’t watched Get Out yet, sign up for the Night Run, and then go do that A$AP Rocky.

Ok, now that we’re past that weird intro, let’s talk details. What are you talking about, what’s going on, HOW DO WE GET OUT?? Word word word. REI is organizing a NIGHT RUN. It’s exactly how it sounds, and, it’s FREE (our favorite thing). So here’s everything you need to know:

Where? Meet at the top of the Cardozo HS Parking Lot (13th & Clifton, NW)

When? Thursday, February 28th, 9:15PM. DO NOT BE LATE

What? 3 mile jog with pals (this is a GREAT opportunity to bring your pals/coworkers/significant others who always tell you, “NP is too early”)

We’ll finish our run at Meridian Pint for some late night bevs and food. Jake has referred to the $10 pint + nachos deal as “glorious” and “amazing,” so take that for what it’s worth. AND IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, REI is going to donate $1 to the Trust for Public Land for every runner registered— so don’t forget to sign-up (IT’S FREE!) here

Yo, if the social is THAT GOOD you and your friendos can make like Lionel Richie and stay out all.night.long. and then join us for our Friday destination deck at 6:30AM. Ya talk about an all-nighter!!

Again– Night Run, run at night, it’s free, meet at Cardozo at 9:15PM on February 28th, socializing afterwards at Meridian Pint. SIGN UP SO REI WILL DONATE TO THE TRUST FOR PUBLIC LANDS SO WE CAN KEEP HANGING OUT OUTSIDE.

get out(side), DC.

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