#Sunrise6kayday on Monday (Boston 2.15.19)

Have you ever just wondered what your focus should be? If you should have some goals or something that you’re training for?

Have no fear…this Friday, the NP_BOS gift for each and every one of you is this: A RACE. A goal to focus on. Something to dedicate yourself to. You can spend all weekend preparing, recovering, resting, and readying yourself for the most exciting, upcoming #Sunrise6k, which will be held on Monday.

Monday also happens to be President’s Day, which for many means a holiday day from work & school obligations. So what better day to show up for a race??? Start the day out strong by letting yourself fly around the Charles River with a whole bunch of amazing people, who are also starting their day and week out with a bang. There will be no official “bang” though, (no starting gun) but we’ll shout really loudly to “GO” at the start of the race. What better way to be sure you’ve clocked at least 3.73 miles (6k meters) and be sure that you can feel good doing just about anything else you want on Monday, especially with some free time you don’t usually have?!?

Get up!

Get out there!

Meet at Weeks Footbridge.

Races at 5:30 & 6:30 am.

Tell everyone you know about it. People from run groups around the city are welcome. People from your spin classes and gyms are welcome. Family members and friends, work-mates, room-mates, play-mates…all welcome!

Prizes will be given to place finishers (male/female top 3) and a RACE MVP will also be awarded.

And if all that isn’t enough to get you out of bed on Monday morning for an amazing race with an entry fee of $0, then know this…


You know…the buffs we ordered way back in October or November 2018??? Well, you waited, you hoped, you wondered…and they’re finally here. FIRST distribution will go out on Monday. So come and get yours.

Then remember that we still have two more Saturday 10am workouts at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade, FREE, FUN, and FROST FITTY with Capoze and EmSauce. Just show up. Seriously. It will be worth it, and you can still get a little sleep on Saturday morning before you show up.

Have a great weekend. see you on monday for your new buffs. And the race.

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