Yodeling Up the Hill (YEG)

I hope that you have started reading this sentence on a desktop computer and that by now the video below has already started playing. Oh the looks you’re getting from the people around you. I wish I could see them – my imagination will have to do. For you mobile device/headphone people, hit the link below and join in the fun of the smooth belching tones of a lederhosen clad man caressing your eardrums (how about that hat tho).

It might not have been a -30 day but it was a cold one. After almost two weeks of an “extreme cold warning” I am looking forward to temperatures that start with a -1, not a -2 or -3. We can take off one of the 17 layers we are wearing – WOOOOO!!

Just in time for the Sunrise 6km. For those who don’t know or as a refresher:

 The Sunrise 6km is a run, 6km long, 
in and around the time of the rising
of the sun. This event will happen
a few times a year and allows you
to track your growth. Even if you
have a slower time than previous
years the goal of this event is to
see where you are at. Bring an extra
layer as for an event like this we
will wait for everyone to come in.
No pressure, no expectations,
just a flat out and back.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there on Monday! It’s a long weekend you could even go back to sleep post workout if you wanted to #justshowup



Monday – Sunrise 6km meet just north of Walterdale Bridge

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs


Keep being awesome,



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