I just show up because I love you (ORL)

It was Tuesday night, I was sitting home writing up notecards for a ‘conversation station’ that would be a part our Valentine’s themed workout, when I received a text. It said something like, ‘Hey, can we maybe do a parking garage workout tomorrow, because…rain. Some people are not sure if they can make it.’ Now, let me point out that this text came from someone who recently boarded a plane, flew 1200 miles, and showed up for a weekend of workouts in Syracuse, NY where it was sub-fucking-zero° outside.

Now, I had spent countless time in the previous days, cutting out paper hearts and writing exercises on them, and I was concerned that they might get wet and that would have dampened my plan. So, I did take that into account when tirelessly trying to plan another interactive, challenging and fun workout. I responded to that request assuring them that I had a plan that would give us a little respite from any precipitation. But emphasized that we are, in fact, #weatherproof. Wednesday morning came, along with a steady drizzle. I got up, slipped into my favorite North Face raincoat, loaded up my bike, covered up the accountability chart and anything else that might actually not stand up to the rain, and pedaled down to our meeting place to set up that romantic ‘conversation station’-complete with candles, flowers, conversation cues, and partner exercises.

At 6:29, we welcomed a couple of Ray’s new recruits, and an enthusiastic bounce in the rain ensued. “I just showed up because I love you, I just showed up because I really care.” No truer words have I yelled at all of you in the predawn hours. I don’t think any of us #justshowup because we like working out in the rain, or when it drops below 50° in the Sunshine State, or when it’s 1000% humidity before the sun rises, or when we just need another hour of sleep. I think we all show up because this shit is good. Knowing that we’ll be there for you no matter the circumstances. Knowing that, without fail, every Wednesday morning you can find positivity, encouragement, hugs and high fives, just by setting your alarm and avoiding the excuses that we all could make. All of this good stuff you can get for the bargain price of getting going a little early. I can’t think of a more beneficial deal anywhere. So know, that no matter if your single, taken, or it’s complicated, there is nothing complicated about joining your local tribe.

Besides observing everyone bonding with each other over partner curtsies and pushups, my favorite part of the morning was, for sure, seeing everyone running in the rain, proclaiming their love for one another with pitch (im)perfect renditions of the Barney song.

#angelface shared his love of hardCore burnouts with a Valentines Vsit challenge that had the group falling crazy in love with lemon squeezers, too!

Thanks, as always, for showing up to be there for yourself and your tribe, to squat, burpee and bear crawl with the fiercest of them. We hope that the love and positivity that you start your morning with carries on into your daily lives, and that you continue to spread the love to those around you. Oh, and if you’re wondering how the tribe member held up in the morning most? Well, we didn’t see Sandra on Wednesday morning-turns out she is #snowproof, but we’ll work on that #drizzleproof thing with her, fo shizzle.




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