How Can A Blog Add Value To Your Life?

Fact: It was cold today.

Fact: People that came to run stairs this morning are pretty badass.

Fact: You probably don’t need me to go on about the above two facts in this blog.

In trying to find a way to make your day a little better through the power of the blog, I offer the following;

Amazing Belgian Waffles – Seriously, they are amazing.  Don’t devalue the super whisked egg whites! 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – Spend a couple hours in the kitchen with your Valentine and then eat a pie together!  No cheating….on your Valentine or making your own crust

If you like the above, hit me up for my key lime pie recipe on the hill one day 😉

Sorry about #MeanJen this morning… Come run hills on Friday and hope for a stiff wind! #-30. We meet at Kinsmen and run Walterdale.

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