First day of spring. Crushed it! [MTL]


  • Today was confusingly spring-esque while still being -12.
  • Today was also hard. Be prepared for sore legs.
  • Scotiabank race – cheer station.
  • Summer leader auditions to come.

There is a clear correlation between the amount of slippery icey snowy stuff and the level of difficulty of our workouts. What does this mean? It means that last week we had a snowball fight and this week we did tabatas, burpees, sprints, dips, and pushups. So yeah, needless to say that Spring is coming and we are bringing it on.

Personally, I would take frigid cold over wet and slushy any day, so today’s confusing re-re-re-re-return of winter (approx. version 5.0) was actually a treat! Nothing to slip on, no running home wet, generally bragging about having missed NYC and Boston’s snowstorm.

In other non-weather related news, today we had a whopping 5 first timers! 3 travellers and 2 locals joined us, and we were hella stoked to have all of you here! We hope that we sent you home with enough hugs and smiles to fuel your week!

Other important announcements:

  • Mila will be in Mexico next week. (It’s really not actually that important of an announcement, it’s just another opportunity for me to brag, hehe).
  • The Scotiabank 5k/10k/half is coming up in a month and we will be cheering hard! A number of our members are running and we’re stoked to scream our faces off/flash hilarious signs and rep NP!
  • If you have ever thought that you would be awesome at leading a bounce or that you would love to plan a silly, but challenging workout, keep your eyes peeled for our summer November Project leader auditions! AKA I will be away for May-July and we are looking for 3 of you (1 per month) to step up and run this thing with Derek! Start thinking about it and stay tuned!

That’s it that’s all! Thanks for sharing another sunrise!

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