Slip slidin’ Into Spring

Wisconsin Note:

-This is our house

-V slippery, only a few slips

-Friday’s start at the Legislative, April 6

-Saturday, April 7th, social event

Warmer weather and slippery streets this morning. Y’all showed up in solid numbers and we thank you! It was tough planning this because half the Forks site is either under water or under ice, so we stuck by the port stairs today and minded our footing. We ran some stairs, found out everyone’s dream vacation destination, and did a zillion push ups and squat jumps!

Kaitlin won the Shabooya award this morning. Kaitlin has been coming for a long time, she’s consistent, she’s friendly, she’s at every event with a big smile and she’s awesome. Kaitlin we’re glad you’re here!

Friday, April 6th we’re starting workouts at the Ledge for the summer! That’s right NP twice a week! Friday’s are awesome, we run stairs, we work hard and we earn that weekend! I can’t wait to start seeing all your beautiful, sweaty faces twice a week!

Saturday, April 7th, NP social event, there will be a short run, there will be some dranks, and there will be awards. Location and time TBD. Nominate someone and the category you have invented for them, for example Best Blog Sign off: Megan Hunter (cough cough). Message us on any of the social media’s with your suggestions!

What a year it’s been, we’ve got the best crew here in Wpg, I heart you all.

Megan Cora of the House Hunter First of her Name, Queen of the Slippery Stairs and paths, Kahleesi Of the Neon House, Breaker Of 52 weeks of Leadership, and Mother of Girl Power Playlists

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