Seriously…WTF Was That!?!? (IND)

I have a feeling that a good number of blogs east of NP_PHX and north of Orlando are going to be pretty similar.  Mother Nature continues to give us a high hard one as the calendar says spring, but she says….”nah”. But, on the bright side, we can continue to prove our #weatherproofness well in to the month of March. And, from a fitness standpoint, it turns out that trying not to fall and bust your ass going around a corner is a hell of a core workout!!

Speaking of workout we did have a brand new one today. Starting and bouncing FROM THE TOP of the south side of the war memorial, we employed the new “Neck Tie Formation”.  Around the top of the memorial, down the south stairs, and back up.  While Partner A did that lap, Partner B was doing exercises on the (what turned out to be a lot higher than we thought) ledge.  Alternating lap, exercise, lap, exercise…and so one.  The exercises:

  • One Leg Step Ups (or, use your hands to propel your one leg up step-ups)
  • Ledge Leg Raises
  • Incline Push-ups w/Clap
  • Burnout Throughout: try not to slip on the ice while a Game of Thrones scene is being filmed all around you.

Side Note:  While the 5:28am group was fairly balanced, Maayan was the only female in attendance for the 6:15pm. Which means the early bird doesn’t always….never mind.  It also gave me a chance to recycle my “Hear it for the Boys” playlist from the Top Gun workout last year. JoeyMac –if you’re reading….there is your answer.


Friday – we will be meeting a couple blocks north of the War Memorial.  On the Plaza on North St. between Pennsylvania and Meridian.  Basically on the north side of the Obelisk Fountain (Roughly HERE).  There is a lot of the word “north” in this paragraph.

Next Wednesday is Race Day and we will be tagging! Bring your gear and bring your PR!

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