Dos de Mayo (ORL)

The beautiful weather in Orlando this morning brought out dozens of smiling faces to brush up on their Spanish vocabulary, in anticipation of celebrating Cinco de Mayo! The tribe found a new friend to start the workout fiesta, and together the new amigos drew one notecard from a sombrero. On each card was a fitness or fun vocabulary term in Spanish and English. They then each performed 12 reps of a predetermined exercise for each letter in that word(Mayo=12 box jumps, 12 push-ups, 12 banana mans, fountain lap). When completed, find a new partner and pick a new word. 40ish minutes of Spanish 101, and the tribe was going to be ready for a siesta, but not before #Angelface schooled everyone with a serious burnout.

Besides vocab lessons, the tribe also learned life lessons, like-never let go of your partner during hoistees, banana mans on concrete will make you want a margarita at 7am, and if you want to be a productive slacker-offer up a rainbow tagging sesh.

The final lesson that this tribe learned was a burnout named Sally. Sally was a new lesson to some, and a reminder to the rest, that she will make your quads burn like eating a chili pepper on an Orlando summer day, Every. Damn. Time.

A difficult victory for all-we came, we learned, we burpeed, box-jumped, and Bojaned our way through another wonderful Wednesday! Thanks everyone for showing up and kicking ass!!

ANNOUNCEMENTS :: Don’t forget your May homework!
*****Push-up Challenge*****
The date+10 push-ups/day
[May 1st 11 push-ups
May 2nd 12 push-ups
May 3rd 13 push-ups…etc]

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November Project SUMMIT: September 14-16, 2018… we’re headed to Wisconsin!

What is Summit?

Summit will be the best weekend of your year. #NP_IND explains it well:

Trail Race your heart out: 5K, 10K, Marathon Relay (10K legs), half marathon, marathon, 50K, 50-mile. Get a Team signed up for the Marathon Relay NOW. Not being bossy, this race sells out FAST! Use Code: NP20 for discount when you register. Buy flights into Milwaukee to arrive Thurs, Sept 13. Because Friday morning, Sept 14 = bounce with #NP_MIL. Closest lodging: camping! Or find a place to stay with your people in Milwaukee (where the post-race after party will be)

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