Writer’s Block…So. Things of Value from Andrew

I do hip hop yoga now, we did an entire class w/J.Cole last week.  It was epic.  You should spend some quality time with it.

The Feed Zone Cookbook with FREE Skratch Paper

This is my favorite cookbook which, not coincidentally, comes from my favorite sports nutrition company.  If you’re in the market, buy it, make it, cook it, be happy.


Some food is good for your body, some is good for your mind.  Sugarfina is the later.  It’s also a good pickup for  Mother’s Day gift 😉


Check out Mars in Augmented Reality.  So cool!!!


Now that I’m a working stiff and spending half my life on an airplane and in an office…  I have legitimacy in recommending Ministry of Supply.  Look sharp, don’t stink, don’t wrinkle.  MIT smart kids making clothes for Women and Men.

Hope something in here is valuable 😉

Thanks for joining us this morning, see y’all on the hill on Friyay!

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