Ham Sandwiches -> Seven Summits (NPSF)

This morning’s workout gave us a cultural explanation of the Irish version of the taco. The quick and easy snack. Prepared out of the boot of the car. At the gate of the sports field. In the kitchen. The basic. The glorious. The ham sandwich. Here, my boy from back in Ireland, Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh, explains how to make the perfect ham sandwich in food form:

Here, the Irish band, Ham Sandwich, show their own beautiful voices in well I guess Ham Sandwich form. It’s their name after all.

And this morning, I explained the ham sandwich in workout form. It would start with:

  • 5 minutes of stairs repeats. This is the fluffy filler of the bread. A buffer on either side of the workout.
  • 5 minutes of leg work. Burpees, lunges, one-legged, deadlifts, etc. This is the butter, as your legs feel like butter right after.
  • Threw in another slice of bread here with some hill repeats. Double that sandwich up. Carbs fo’ life.
  • 5 minutes of core work. This is the meat of the workout. The ham. Getting those core muscles all tender and shit with reach-throughs, pushups, mountain climbers, what have you.

A couple of slices of bread and butter spreads later, we were all wrecked. But the true beautiful form of a ham sandwich is in its toasted form. So down to the bottom of the stairs to burn everyone up with a stair sprint burnout.

There you have it. The Ham Sandwich. The Sambo. The Sammich. The Irish taco. Beauty in bread and ham form.


Tonight at Dolores Park from 6:30PM, we have the NPSF Great Taco Mile. 4 tacos and 4x 400m. More details here.


As a Tribe, we set out on the lofty goal of climbing the cumulative elevation of the largest summit on each of the 7 continents across 4 Friday workouts. That’s 144,000ft total. Woahhh! Couple of stair repeats in there. Here’s how we’ve faired so far.

24,000ft in Potrero (South America’s Aconcagua summited)
30000ft on Telegraph (there goes Asia’s Everest)
43000ft on Divisiadero (Australasia’s Puncak Jaya, Antarctica’s Mount Vinson and Europe’s Mount Elbrus)

That leaves us with 48,000ft to climb on Friday. A new record by our high NPSF standards. So our only option is to head to our vert monster, a 4 star hill on the NPSF Mountain Goat Hill scale, the Wall of Dalewood. To climb 48,000ft, we need to accumulate 232 repeats of the 207ft hill as a group in 30 minutes. If 60 people show, that’s an average of 3.87 repeats per person. Easy peasy, right? Recruit your friends, your cousins, your baristas, your trash collectors. Every repeat counts! 48,000ft is the mark. 232 repeats as a group!

Meet at the bus stop by Myra and Dalewood. 6:24AM.

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