Winnipeg Whiteout DOMination

  Wisconsin Notes:
-Our new co-leader DOMinates
-Whiteout workout
-Tribe wins hockey workout in double overtime
-Climbing event, May 10th
-4th Birthday, June 6th
-Trash Stigma, Garbage Hill, June 29th

WE BROUGHT ON A 3RD CO-LEADER THIS MORNING! Dom is here and we’re so happy to have her! Dom has been coming out to NP for nearly three years, she is always making connections and working hard.  Dom is warm, welcoming and fit as hell.  She can crush burpees all day long with the fittest person out there and yet she can also make a newcomer feel comfortable and safe.  She is a natural leader and we are so fired up to have her on the team.  She was like a fish in water this morning, and I know she is going to help us take things to the next level this summer. Dom had this to say:

It’s crazy how things happen in life. Each decision you make and every action you do, leads you to where you are today.  When I first showed up to November Project in August 2015, I went to meet new people and to workout (thanks Carrie for recruiting me!!). It never crossed my mind that I would become a co-leader someday.

Here’s kinda how it happened:
About 2 weeks ago (right after the Jets won game 5 in the first round of the playoffs), I went to the Forks to meet a group of NP friends to celebrate the big win. Derek pulls me aside and says the words “Dom, can you come here so we can talk for a moment.”  Immediately, I’m thinking “oh no, those words are never good.”  So we chat for a bit and he says brings it up to my attention that him and Megan are thinking it’s time for another co-leader. I was thinking, “cool, he’s was asking me for suggestions..” NOPE! He says, that they want me to join them in them in leading the amazing, fun and fast NP’ers that show up every week.  So here we are.. my first “official” time leading as a co-leader, lands on the same week (1 year ago) when I got the positivity award. Coincidence? Meant to be? Well.. I say.. everything happens for a reason!

Winnipeg, you’re about to get DOMinated

To celebrate the Jets huge win last night and the general Jets mania that has gripped the city we did a hockey themed workout.  We spent period 1 running levels, period 2 ab blasting and gauntlet crushing and period 3 running a hill circuit.  Unfortunately after all that hard work we were tied at 3-3 and were forced to go into overtime and then double overtime on the time trial circuit.  It was awesome to get back into the field and onto the gauntlet after months of it being snow, ice or water.  The workout was hard and the vibe was strong.  Way to crush it.

Thursday, May 10, we are climbing at Vertical Adventures, all welcome, show up at 7:30, cost is $5 but it all goes to charity.  Respond on the facebook event (which will be appearing on the community page tonight) if you’re planning to come so we can prepare.  Thanks to Jen for the hook up, she’s awesome and we appreciate her.

Friday, June 29th we are running on Garbage Hill to support Junel in Trash Stigma, his attempt to raise awareness for mental health by running 100miles.  He is an absolute superstar and a pillar of the Winnipeg fitness community and we are proud to be in his corner.

Junel and Jen’s events bring  me to my next point, which is owning this tribe.  Anytime you have an idea or initiative come to one of us, or throw it on the NP Community page.  It’s incredible to see all of the connections, friendships and workout squads that have grown out of this group, so let’s keep that love going.  As well, anytime anyone wants to take photos during a workout PLEASE LET US KNOW, we can always use the help getting that fire content to help spread this movement on the social medias.

November Project Winnipeg is about to turn 4! Four years, how crazy?! We will be celebrating in style at the Investors Group Stadium, so EVERYONE should come out, we want to make this our biggest birthday yet!  Spread the word and spread the hype.

Rain or shine, win or lose, hungover or fresh as a daisy we look forward to seeing all your shining faces at the Ledge on Friday for Fired Up Fridays!


Catch ya on flip side fam

-Referee Meg

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