DC is #21HumpBeat’s BIGGEST FAN (DCA)

Is that confusing to you? Maybe you weren’t there this morning? Or you were there, you shouted 21 HUMP BEAT HUMP BEAT HUMP BEAT 4 or 5 times and you just didn’t know why? That’s cool. We appreciate your enthusiasm.

Find out more about the growing family and what #21HumpBeat really means HERE.

Now try THIS on for size: Have you been running up that hill on Mondays or climbing the stairs on Wednesdays or skipping across lawns on Fridays and thinking, MAN I have a lot of friends, but they are SO SWEATY. I would really, really like to see them less sweaty. Maybe you just want to have a conversation not interrupted by a cowbell or your own heavy breathing. MAYBE you’re like GDI WHY am I learning all these names if I keep running away from the people I just met? WELL put your showers, your name knowledge and your polite not exercising breathing to good use ONE week and ONE day from now on JULY 18th… NP Formal Event is comin’ in hot off the presses.

Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your friends who’ve said they’ll come to a workout and haven’t yet. Bring the U.S. Women’s soccer team. Bring Michelle Obama. Bring a date. Ask a date. Whatever you want, just wash the sweat off before and come show your beautiful face at Johnny Pistolas, 9PM July 18th. Deets like drink specials coming in the FB event.

Other than that, your #weekendearned was brought to you by oil drilling, three legged racing, bench running, skipping. That’s all for now. SEE YOU MONDAY.


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