Field Day (PHL)

Today we got off the pavement and took to the grassy knoll of Lemon Hill.  The weather was stellar.  This is not an overstatement; this is not hyperbole…zero humidity, slight breeze, clear skies…perfection.

Tribespeople partnered up.  One person did push-ups or sit-ups while the other sprinted a short distance around a group of trees and back, tagging their partner to do the same.  This lasted for 30 minutes.  The damp grass upped the degree of difficulty and hilarity.

Afterward, we finished with NP_PHL’s rendition of Sting’s, Roxanne.  If you don’t know what this means, you should probably just come out to a workout.

Today’s #PositivityAward went to Ieshia who brings it every week and is a constant source of positivity and support!


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