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Winnipeg Notes:

  • Next Wednesday is October 3rd
  • Sunday October 7th – Sage Creek Run (1, 3, 5 and 10km)
  • Halloween is WEDNESDAY October 31st

“On October 3rd, Aaron Samuels asked me what day it was…I said, it’s October 3rd ”. Since THAT DAY falls on an actual Wednesday, you better wear pink biatch! Otherwise, you can’t sit with us. Kinda. Seriously though, if you are reading this, get out your pink attire ready for Wednesday. You won’t regret it.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, there is a small and  growing community called Sage Creek, which is hosting their first FIRST community run on October 7th. Since myself and Derek work in this community, we will be participating, not forced at all, what so ever, to run our hearts out in this event (unfortunately …Megan will be MIA that weekend). Derek has gladly volunteered himself to wear a Lederhosen IF 20 NP YWG MEMBERS SIGN UP. Now who wouldn’t want to see that?!? Okay, maybe you don’t want to see that, but Derek will just be coming back from his eternity trip around Europe world, and he’s probably already bought the real deal Lederhosen. If you haven’t signed up yet, click HERE for the link

You better get your Halloween costumes,wigs and makeup ready because we are going to be celebrating Halloween NP style on October 31st with a great, fun, spooky workout with maybe a few tricks and treats.

November 1st will be our 3rd Peg City Scramble. Location, time and other details are in the works.

This past Wednesday, myself and Megan decided and admitted that we may have forgotten about PR day. BUT to be fair, we wanted to be able to do the bridge challenge at least one more time before it gets too cold and slippery. Speaking of colder weather, it’s also going to be challenging for us leaders to tag shirts- spray paint doesn’t come out clean and crisp and no one wants shitty grassroots gear. So we will be keeping an eye out on the weather to see if there is a warmer day coming up to do..probably a last tagging day of the year/season. We will announce through social media when that day will be, so keep checking our Instagram and FB pages.

Positivity Award was given to Patrick. He shows up in grassroots gear! He pushes himself to be better, faster and stronger! He recruits and he brings his kids! And he’s always the one that will stick by your side so your aren’t doing things alone! Patrick, we’re glad you’re here!

Fall has arrived and sorry to burst your bubble for those of you that are summer lovers, but cold weather is creepin upon us and I’m actually so excited about that. If you didn’t have a chance to see the first of many snow falls last week, you can probably take a look outside throughout today because it’s supposed to snow again and again and again..

On that note, colder weather means wear layers. Onions have layers. Cakes have layers. Ogres have layers. Cement castles of wonder have layers and NP Tribe members wear the layers. Remember, if you start to get warm and sweaty, you can peel the layers off.

Keep warm my friends,


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