New Friends (Boston 9.28.18)

After Wednesday’s giant showing of “plus 1s” to November Project Boston, we hoped that some of them would show up to Friday (and Monday too) to see what other cool/weird/hard/awesome shit we do on those days.  We had a strong showing of Friday-first-timers this morning, even in the rain.

#weatherproof is definitely a thing.

I had a chance to run with someone who is visiting Boston from southern CA and who actually loved that it was raining, especially since it only really rains for about 2 days in December in southern CA.  What I loved learning about him, besides where he’s from and what he does for work and the other pretty normal “first conversation” topics, was his connection to NP. 

He works with someone who comes to NP and who just told him, “since you’re in Boston, you’re coming with me to this thing.”  As a participant of regular fitness, he didn’t really try to decline, even though the 5:30am wake up was admittedly, “painful.”  (we know that feeling, but you don’t feel that wake-up-pain after finishing the hills!!)  But our local tribe member who invited him and made him her #NPplus1 today ALSO made the super smart move to text him last night to tell him, “we still run in the rain, and it’s probably going to be raining in the morning.” 

She thought about the things that someone who is new, maybe unaccustomed to the early wake up, the weather, and the totally weird-fierce mentality of NP, might think or wonder or doubt about showing up.  She reached out and reassured him, reminded him she’d be there, and that it was just going to happen. 

They both showed up.

He asked me more about NP and how it started, how I got started, and eventually we starting talking about what NP really does for people.  He paid attention to the tribe running our Turkey Trot loop around some of the side streets as well as the front hill of Summit Ave, and through our conversation, he finally said, “I really admired that NP changes people for the better.  There isn’t anything like this where I live.” 

We talked about people’s lives being changed–their perceptions of themselves actually evolving from something like “I can’t…  I don’t do…  I’m not…” to one of “I just ran the entire front hill without walking!” or “I never thought I’d get up this early 3 times in the same week!” or “I think I like running/stairs/burpees.”  And we talked about how important it is to know, without a doubt that NP will always be there.  No question if people will show up or not.  You can get there because you know the tribe will be there too.

Of course, not every one is looking for life transformation when they start a fitness thing.  They may be looking for intensity, but not new friends.  Fortunately, NP can be whatever people need.  Lots of folks get great workouts and skip coffee afterwards, socials, and even group photos.  But the power of this community is in every single human who shows up, even if they’re never in a photo.  And for anyone who is looking for, even open to, or not opposed to having their life changed by positivity, kindness, and some weird and wild fitness–it’ll happen when they show up enough to get that transformation they’re ready for. 

There are new friends around us every single week, every single workout.  NONE of us know everyone else, not even Capozzi or I know you all.  So it’s our opportunity —especially right now– as we just had a slew of new people show up for the first or second time and they might become your favorite new, consistent additions to this cool community.  So the challenge is this–GO MAKE NEW FRIENDS.  Look for them because they are there.  Remember what it was like when you were new, and how you got connected to some of the greatest shit that doesn’t happen during workouts. (like amazing blogs, photo albums, socials, coffee/breakfast after workouts, run groups to/from Monday workouts…) SHARE THAT SHIT with them!!

And come to Monday’s workout:

We are throwing back to a sweet location: outside the Bed Bath & Beyond in the Landmark center next to Fenway.  Map is HEREbring a deck of cards, and bonus points if you bring a plus 1!

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