Be That Crazy

Today was the worst! Tuck jumps trying avoid the shorts sliding down from your wet butt.  Planking while people jump over you, not being sure if that was a rain drop or a sweat drop. Lying on the ground and raising your legs, while holding somebody’s wet ankles and watching rain drops land on your face. And pushing yourself up from the wet ground. Ugh!

No seriously, if you thought working out in the rain would not be fun. If you said something like: “Yeah, I am crazy, but not that crazy”, your #FIMO should be real now. Today was funnn in a really cool park! (Make sure to go back and check out the hanging sculpture when it’s lit.) We topped it off with wet hugs, snow angels, and Amarynth face. Keep that face until we see you again at the stadium on Wednesday, and possibly some bears. And remember, when in doubt, be that crazy!


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