#sunrise6k has a new champ… (SD)

This morning we threw down v.2 of the #sunrise6k. Some of you may remember v.1 – February 2015, the Monday morning after the Superbowl (poor planning on the part of your fearless leaders). We knew today would hold many PRs for the tribe, assuming you all drink less on a normal Sunday evening than you do on Superbowl Sunday.

But even we were amazed by HOW HARD you threw down this morning. Not only did we set a San Diego PR, but we set a 19 city, November Project world wide PR. Simon Schmidt ran a 19:17 6k this morning. For those of you numbers people, that’s a 5:12 pace. Boom. That’s some serious speed.

And then to follow that up, his quick girlfriend Elizabeth came in first place female with a time of 24:47.

Looks like the tribe has a new power couple.

A serious #fuckyeah to the entire tribe. You continue to impress and motivate Ashleigh and I every day. And you earned that special #sunrise6k tag today.

Track your time HERE. If it’s not tracked it doesn’t count.













Continue to be happy, be strong, be bright… and be really really fast.


– Wednesday: we went on a scouting mission in Balboa Park and we have some SWEET locations we’re going to be taking you to. You won’t want to miss them. Which means DO. NOT. BE. LATE. and DO. NOT. HIT. SNOOZE. We’ll see you all at 6:29AM SHARP at the fountain between the Natural History Museum and the Fleet Science Center.

– CLOTHES: I still have quite a few peoples clothes that they had me tag earlier this month. Including a sweet lululemon jacket. Pick up your stuff from me Wednesday. Cool?

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