Bi-Polar Bear Music
Andy & Gabe
Shooting Music Video at both 5:30AM & 6:30AM Wednesday workouts at the Harvard Stadium.
Shooting Music Video at 4 dance-off circles around Boston.
Shooting Music Video with the bear crew as we ride bikes between dance offs.
(These are all going to be part of the same video project)

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The hip hop beats that are strategically laced behind 80% of our videos (almost all of the NP Dooster Films, all of our NP SUMMIT FILMS, and more) are by a group called Bi-Polar Bear. Andy Kaufman & Gabe Karter make up this unique two man hip hop group and have been longtime supporters of our movement. Gabe, originally from Madison, Wisconsin grew up as my bestie getting in tons of trouble. Andy, from the planet mars, is a creature who many know and even more love.

This Wednesday, we will have the opportunity to work with Bi-Polar Bear as they shoot their newest music video (that will go LIVE at the same time as the release of the full length album called “The Sounds of November Project” – But one thing at a time). The shooting will take with anyone who’d like to join us at/during the workout and later in the day around Boston. Here’s what you’ll need to know and where to go:

1. During the workout I, BG, the dude who moved to the West Coast last December, will be wearing a giant bear head and will be walking (maybe jogging – knee depending) at both 5:30AM and 6:30AM Harvard Stadium workouts. Before, during, and after those sessions, any phone videos that you take and email us WILL BE USED in the video, so please shoot as much action as you see. Anything you’d like to add to the project (VIDEO) can be sent along to The bear getup will look like this… exactly like this.

2. In the PM hours, we’ll have 4 dance-off’s in public, in different parts of town, connected by lane-filling, slow moving bike gangs. At each location we’ll circle up, dance our asses off, and do it all in Grassroots Gear. November Project & Bi-Polar Bear will not provide bikes or helmets but you’ll need both. Helmets in the dance circle are always funny so please consider that as a fashion statement and maximum dance safety. Here are the exact times and locations for all 4 circles – We hope you can be at all/most/some/at least one of them.

4:30PM at Mass Ave & Boylston under the clock.

5:15PM at Macy’s at Downtown Crossing.

6:00PM at the ICA amphitheater.

6:45PM at the Boston Children’s Museum.

VIDEO FROM YOUR PHONE: Shooting the bear or anything from either workout, dance-off, or ride portion of the day is awesome. Just make sure you’re safe and that everything you shoot is emailed to… (Dear Mike Howard, this is where you get excited enough to show up).

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Grassroots Gear is key. Please wear a helmet when you ride… and dance?

NEVER FORGET: Showing up is key and we love you if you can or can not make it. The tribe is training, riding, dancing, and creating art with the dudes from Bi-Polar Bear.

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