A Little Bit Of Jessica – First Look by Maggie and Sierra

Greetings and salutations,

We have created this blog post to give you the skinny on the newest queen crowned to lead November Project Brooklyn right here in Kings County. Most (read, all) of this information is provided to you by your previous duo to let you know how we see and forever hold this highness in our hearts, and hopefully, yours.

Without further ado…

Why did we ask her to join us as a coleader?

MH: Why didn’t we ask earlier is probably the real question. Jessica already exudes so many leadership qualities. From hosting Friday runs to volunteering at events, she has been someone that we can rely on. Her dedication and commitment to November Project Brooklyn is unwavering. 

Not only does she organize our crew well, Jessica knows how to play well with others – collaboration group run with Crown Heights Running Club.

SRA: The short version? She is FUN – presenting herself authentically through this filter invites others to drop their guards upon first interaction. The long version? How many words can we put into a blog post again…

Seriously. She’s fun, we promise.
2019 #YearbookPhoto by Sebastian Golling

In a game of chubby bunny, how many marshmallows do we think Jessica can fit in her cheeks? 

MH: 17

SRA: 8 and three quarters.

If Jessica could be a superhero, what would her super power be?

MH: Being impervious to the cold, especially on the winter mornings when there are two workouts!

She’s fierce.
She’s steady.
And she’s definitely #weatherproof

SRA: First off, her name is Jessica (not Jess) so her superhero name would still have to incorporate that fact. Yeah, final answer: Acis Sej. And her super power would be her laugh. Think of Storm, when her powers are in use her eyes go white, Jessica’s giggle becomes colorful to those who are in her presence while the vibrations of the noise bring down any stress or tension in the room. 

Cheer tunnels sometimes have downtime after the final sprinter comes through. Those in-between moments are pure gold.

If Jessica has no plans, how does she spend her time?

MH: Hanging out on her hammock, planning the next NP Brooklyn event. Or going to a concert.

Most recently? Jessica organized a social to attend the free outdoor concert in Prospect Park – yes, you read that right: F R E E

SRA: Depending on her mood, she’s either organizing humans to come together or taking a time out for self care. At the moment? She’s planning her wedding, and those apparently take up your free time leading up to the big day. If you haven’t met Reid, you will, and he will now be married into a coleader lifestyle – lucky guy! 

We aren’t concerned about Reid. We think he’s going to adjust to it quite nicely.

What do we love most about Jessica?

MH: We love that she takes initiative in planning for the collective. Through the Friday morning runs and social events, she provides framework for us to build on individual connections. It brings us closer as a community. I also love her advice to “feel fiercely”. It encourages us to be unabashedly and unapologetically ourselves.

The final twelve humans who made it all five days of Hell Week, Winter 2019.

SRA: Honestly, one of my favorite traits that I admire in her is honesty. Every morning on the steps, Jessica doesn’t cover up or exaggerate what led up to the monument greeting. She says it, good or bad, and then starts connecting with those around her. It’s such a gift to be self aware, acknowledge where you’re at, and then rally for what’s next. It’s a trait I also saw in my first coleader Jean—every damn Wednesday. 

Mid-workout capture of Jessica entertaining the crew.

Jessica– we’re so glad you’re here and we can’t wait for the tribe to witness you step into this new role.

Everyone else: feel free to spread and send the love her way – through love notes below, sharing the blog, or giving her a good old follow on social media, @jessicasmith_vb (handle subject to change since she lives in Brooklyn and may be adding another hyphen post nuptials later this summer)

Throwback to Jessica’s first 5:30 AM #PRDay – and it won’t be her last.


Maggie Maykay & Sierra Applesauce

This dynamic duo just turned into the best triple threat.
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