The Untold Facts

Instead of writing on the workouts, events or highlights of what happens in November Project Malaysia, let’s dig a bit deeper to understand how the show had been running here locally.  What you are going to read below is the untold secret that happen in the co-leadership of the sea horse town.

NP Malaysia Jokers!!

10 facts that you might not know about your co-leaders

  • If you haven’t notice yet, none of they are “Ang-Mo”. We are the only tribe that fully run by Asian’s co-leaders.
  • All of them work their ass out from 8 to 5 to earn for living (Yes, they have fix jobs, hence they are not professional trained athletes). None of them running any side business or under-ground enterprises too.
  • They all have different interest in life. One like weight-lifting and “developing” his love on cardio and running recently.  His greatest fun is yelling at people and enjoy the responses he got from the grass roots.  The other one is an adventure/mind tricking freak who like to challenge herself and people around her to achieve something that their mind think is impossible to reach.  The last one is relatively normal that like cycling and Guinness Stout.  Considering they all come from different backgrounds but their common goals is to grow bigger tribe and stronger vibes in Miri.
  • To have a successful workout, these co-leaders meet up every fortnightly to discuss and plan for the upcoming workouts be it official NP Wednesday or Sunday’s social pop-up workout, all will be in the discussion agenda while enjoying pepperoni pizza, fries, wings and drinks.
  • Apart from facilitating workout, they also find ways and channels to give back to local community by calling tribe to participate/organize some local charity event. Join them and contribute if you could.
  • They developed some professions in this co-leadership, here are some of them, the rest still work in progress…
    • Professional photographer – the challenge is to take a nice picture with good lighting while the sun is still snoozing his alarm.
    • Street painting artist – Spraying shirt on the street road. Finish on time with good quality is the challenge.
    • Walking database – By remembering all the tribe’s name and able to call out their name. So, if you leader trying hard to call out your name next time, you could just shout it out loud first to get them out of the difficult situation.
    • Blogger – Compose weekly blog, try to make it interesting that everyone can get benefit and get information out of it.
    • Event planner/organizer – Plan and organize any possible event that benefit tribe and local community.
      Street painting art on-going
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