7 Minutes in Heaven (NYC)

Columbus Circle is one of the busiest intersections in New York City.  People come through there above ground and below ground on a consistent basis.  Thousands of people pass through the turn styles of that 1, A, B, C, D trains, the numerous bus stops in the area.  The Time Warner Center looks down on the people below.  The CNN board giving us the time and weather.  It got cold, but that does not stop us.  Today marked the return to the healthy weather that made us all stronger.  The  weather that comes with the winter months.

Warming up is a critical part of all November Project workouts.  We start with a little bounce, but today we got some high knees, some butt kicks in.  Once those legs were nice and loose we took to Columbus Circle to play a little game we call 7 Minutes in Heaven. This game has different names in different cities.  In Boston it is referred to as Sebastians.   It is an all out core/strength/endurance challenge of 7 minutes of as many burpees you can do.  Why would anyone want to do something like that? We here in NYC decided that we have this fancy new tracking website that we can really test it out by having everyone log their results.  Here is the Top Ten list from today’s workout:

Top Ten


Use this and track yourself for the next time we do this.  Time to set a new record.

WEDNESDAY: 5:28 & 6:28 at the Mayor’s house.  Bring 1 friend.  Maybe 2, but one will be a good start.

RECRUITING PAPERS: Be on the look out this weekend for a date and time.  Items are in hand, its happening……

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