While SF Sleeps, Rebecca Daniels Manically Edits

This morning we challenged the tribe to a little competition. In 30 minutes, run as many Octavia hill repeats as possible, track the scores, win a prize. Yet according to the tribe Fanance Analytical Team (Clayton Daniels), we are still missing about 50 scores. SO GO TRACK THE WORKOUT! Sheesh. The winners and prizes will be announced by the end of the day.


In the meantime we bring you the first batch of Ryan Scura and Rebecca Daniels’ work. Ryan makes up half of the video/photography team Dooster. Rebecca Daniels is a mother fucking boss and does what she wants. Oh, and she’s got some insane shooting/editing skills as well. Together, they make a brilliant team that I personally like to call ‘Rooster.’

We need YOUR help tagging these! So get to it!


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