Who Left Their Wiener Schnitzel on the Hill? (LAX)

Tribal hill fusion,

With the sound of yodeling,

The hills are alive.


TWT baby! Now that was fun. The dust building up in your face, the steep incline of “the bitch’s” sister, “the strumpet”, and the impromptu burpee movement that happened at the top of the hill called for a dirty, sweaty and tough workout of hill repeats. Fridays are more intimate and though are numbers aren’t as big as Wednesday the tribe is just as energetic and lively than ever. We are all ready to shake the ground and wake up the entire city. The tight trails of Baldwin Hills calls for perfect high five returns and some speedy road runner dust kicking. Thrity-five minutes on the clock later and you’re all sweating with big dirt hearts across your chest from the burpees and stoked you earned your weekend. “Ach Ya” for concurring ze mountain and using you vind pipes to yodel to ze top!

Auf wiedersehen to Dad Onorato as he makes moves to Africa. Enjoy yourself and see you in the New Year. #worldtakeover.

You’ve earned your weekend now DO GOOD LA,

Olaf Vincklefeet




NP TRACKING- Prep yourself and learn the workouts beforehand by signing up on the NP tracking system. There is a huge benefit for PR day to record all your climbs of the Bowl from here on out.

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