#500people (DCA)

It’s 4:35am. The sound of my alarm jerks me out of the half sleep I’ve been in for the last 90 minutes. Groggily stumbling to the hallway and into the bathroom, I proceed through my typical Wednesday morning routine when suddenly, I perk up a bit.

The pennies weighing down my backpack are a warm reminder that this is it. The big push for 500. I can feel it. There’s something about the way the air smells as I bike down 15th Street toward Lincoln. The nerves are a little unsettled. We’ve NEVER had that many people at a workout. How do we even corral everyone? Is it just going to be one big cluster f –

“OH HO HO…GOOD MORNING!” I yell as I ride up next to Danny, who has decided to run this morning to the workout. “You ready?” I ask. “FUCK YEAH” is his response. I expect nothing less.

You see, when we started this thing, I had moved from Boston and knew what November Project could become; what it could mean to the people and the community. Danny had caught the bug from a mutual acquaintance and after a year of workouts with November Project DC, we had both seen the incredibly positive influence that NP could have on people’s lives. And it wasn’t because of us. Sure, we stood up front and yelled weird things and people yelled them back and we all laughed, but this community, the vibes, the flavor, the presence was all because of the beautiful personalities that ran among the crowd.

So why push for 500 people at a workout? Simple. If you like something, you share it with those around you.

Example: You’re sitting with some friends, trying a new flavor of (fill in the blank). Is your reaction a straight face, no expression, no sounds, nothing? Of course not! You express how much you love (or hate…jk we’ve never met someone that hates November Project) it. You post a picture of it on Instagram. You tell your brother/sister/mom/dad/uncle/best friend about it next time you chat. You love it so much you go back for more. Take a better photo with a better lens and a better angle and post about it AGAIN. And AGAIN. And AGAIN.

Where were we? Oh yeah. 500. You like something, you share it. You want other people to try it. And they’ll probably like it too. For the same reason? Maybe … maybe not. Flavor, texture, temperature, whatever the reason. Why keep it to yourself?

That Wednesday, we hit 511 people. Everyone was smiling, cheering, sweating, and having a great time. Positive community with a side of fitness. Like-minded people gathering and changing the way we think about fitness and the way we view our city.

Since then, we’ve had large workouts and small workouts alike. The numbers vary with the seasons and the transient nature of a city like DC. But we think it’s time for another PUSH.

On Wednesday, October 24, we’ll be celebrating 5 YEARS of November Project DC. What better way to celebrate than with AT LEAST 500 people working out together? Smiling together? Sweating together?

So start inviting your friends. Start slipping November Project back into conversation. Encourage people to try it at least once. You can’t knock something until you try it. Show them the Instagram. Send them to the website. Show them the videos. Host a movie night and show them the short film, SHOWING UP. Explain what NP means to you and drag them out to the workout on that Wednesday (or just pay them off with money/baked goods/cleaning services/etc.) Whatever you do, let’s hit 500.

P.S. If we hit 600, Maria is going to get a TATTOO. Similar to a previous tattoo verbal by yours truly.

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  1. I want to go to this. Will have to uber because im in Maryland and trains aren’t running that early. I am glad i came across this. I need help getting back into exercising.

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