#500people (DCA)

On Wednesday, October 24, we’ll be celebrating 5 YEARS of November Project DC. What better way to celebrate than with AT LEAST 500 people working out together? Smiling together? Sweating together?

You All Failed Miserably

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, the birthday workout, and the birthday love. And yes I nerd out on sci-fi and Zelda.

Wisconsin Notes

  • Sign up for the Craft Classic 5k or half marathon! Use discount code NPPHX and join team NP_PHX. Contact Meaghen Sharik if you want to volunteer.
  • You may have noticed that we had a birthday today.
  • We’re relaunching the NP Tracker for our workouts. Here you can drop a #verbal and record results for #PRDay, #Sunrise6k, and other hashtag-worthy events.
  • Darkness is beginning to creep back into our workouts. Start thinking of bringing a headlamp! Don’t have one? Check out Sole Sports (Scottsdale, Tempe, or Glendale) or iRun (Arcadia); they’ll set you up.
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