What did you race for? (Ottawa)

Wednesday mornings offer us another opportunity to connect, reconnect, be pushed, be humbled, explore and get up early.  So what did you race for this morning? Were you coaching yourself through each section of stairs? Was your mind running faster than Seumas, thinking about how many more sections you have to complete to earn a PR? No matter what your thoughts were this morning pre, post or during the workout you were presented with many opportunities.  Now, that word opportunity is defined as, “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.” Just speaking from experience here, but Wednesday mornings set up those circumstances. They allow you to show up and give whatever you can for those 31 minutes or to be more exact 29 minutes and 23 seconds.

So here’s what some if you raced for this morning.

“I raced for myself, because it was my first time on the stairs”

“I raced to see what I could do- it was my first PR day”

“I raced to keep up with Seumas”

“I raced to beat my last PR”

“I raced to get 1 more section” 

“I tried to get 1% more” 

“I race everything”

“I raced to support you”

“I raced to do my best”

“I raced because I brought a friend who was there for the first time”

“I raced for bagels”

“I raced because I woke up early to get a good workout”

“I raced because having a group pushed me harder”

“I took it easy this morning” 

“I raced and my legs have never felt this much like jelly” 

Give or take, this is what we heard …. what about you?

Thank you for sharing your morning with us and for bringing a friend. For those of you who received your very own November Project Ottawa gift DO NOT EVER LOSE IT. Finally congrats to our PR crushers today who continue to make us chase them

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. We’re having a social about socials so show up 7pm at Clocktower in Westboro, Thursday night.
  2. Pop-Up workout happening on Monday 6:29am Parliament Hill
  3. We are at TD Place next week #justshowup. Be ready for a GRATEFULNESS morning.

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