2018 Winter Olympics | Dry Land Edition

Welcome to November Project Brooklyn’s 2018 Winter Olympics, the Dry Land Edition!

Seriously, count ‘em.

The tribe was split into three countries led by their three captains: Tara representing Columbia, Dan representing USA, and Tammy representing Jamaica.

(From viewer left to right: Dan, Tara, and Tammy.

The teams were counted off by, “1. 2. 3.” Then, the morning’s competition began! There were THREE EPIC EVENTS where team work, strategy, and a thing we like to call – MATH – came into play.

First event: The Slalom Obstacle Course – “Where the warm-up also counts for points!” Each team lined the course in either a low sumo squat position,  the Olympic torch position, or the (high or low) bridge position. Each person became the Slalom-er and took the course! Modifications for hopping the sumo? CURLING MOTION AROUND THEM! Modifications for the torch postion? CALF RAISES INSTEAD OF TORCH JUMPS! Modifications for bridges? STEP OVER INSTEAD OF CRAWL UNDER! For first half of the race, all teams were in steady compeition. At the turn around point, USA pulled out a demanding lead and Colombia edged out Jamaica just in the knick of time!

Standings: USA (3 points), Colombia (2 points), and Jamaica (1 point).

Second event: The Great TRIPLE Skate – “Where it’s all about burpees!” Each team was split up on the top platform and then divded into 5 mini groups to take on this event. (For example: we had 30 people this morning. Each team had ten athletes and were split into 5 mini groups of 2 for this event.) The first group at the top began their burpees while the second group at the top ran down to the second platform to tap out the group doing Speed Skate-r’s, then the SS’s ran down to the next platform to tap out the 180 Degree Spinners, and the 180’s then ran down to release the Ski Jumpers—who then ran to the back to the top to releave the people doing burpees. Rinse, burpee, math. The points from this round were the total tally of each team’s burpees after 12 mins of play.

Standings: Colombia (225), USA (177), and Jamaica (162).

Final event: The Bob-Luge – “Where things really heated up!” Each team took their positions around the momument and again, split up into sub groups, this time into 3 mini teams. The three teams were either Bobsledding, Skeleton Luging, or…running around the monument. The sledders were doing their ‘_____’ twists, the lugers were holding whichever variation of plank they could muster, and the runners were sprinting their asses off to releave the sledders. The time began and the teams hustled: runners tapped out sledders who tapped out the lugers who then ran. What were the points based off of for this round, you ask? Each complete lap around the monumnet. (It was a doozy if I do say so myself)

Standings: Jamaica (67), Colombia (61), and USA (51).

This morning was filled wirh surprises, and ultimately, all the controlled chaos.

Final Standings: First Place – Colombia (288), Second Place – USA (231), and Jamaica (230).

Thanks for playing, Brooklyn. You all are winners in my sappy, burpee-loving heart. And Jeanie, you can go ahead and come back from Aruba now (Don’t forget the flamingos!)

The countires celebrated their efforts with goldfish, animal crackers, and double-stuffed oreos.





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