1, 2, 3, 4, notre tribu veut faire des squats [MTL]


  • Mushy stuff
  • Leg presses, head butts
  • “Because we’re happy”

Today I learned a few things. I learned that Laurent has 4 siblings (HBD to your mom!), I learned that Sarah’s favourite number is 14 (and with so much conviction did she declare this!), I learned that Nadine will be an aunty in 2 weeks (eeek!!), I learned that Jemal has lived in Ethiopia, Portugal, and Amsterdam (bomb), and I learned that Nancy hates burpees (JUST KIDDING mwahahah).

So what did I *really* learn? I learned that guys are so cool. Okay okay, I knew that already, but the reminders roll in week after week and never fail to make me smile! Sometimes we forget that we all have personas after 8am or that there are amazing stories under all of those layers of sweat, grass, and spandex. Today I just barely scratched the surface of a few of those stories, but it was a great reminder of how cool those stories (you wonderful humans) are.

Another reminder? The fact that you are down for the weird plank and balance games that we throw your way as well as all the Montreal pedestrians and construction workers that you say good morning to all the while!

This week, I challenge you to ask a stranger something about themselves! People are cool and people are great, they just need that opening, be it a quick question to your barista while ordering your coffee, or fun facts delivered in the dark, at 6:40am, while in plank, laughing, and trying to smash someone’s hand with yours. Classic.

Oh and then while you’re at it, recruit them! Don’t be selfish with our super secret love club! Keep bringing new peeps to share in the good stuff!

Thankful for fun facts and for you cool, hardworking humans! Have an amazing week!

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