Going with the flow

Tis the end of bridge month and there were a number take aways. This morning we returned to a familiar location, battling more elements in -20, deep and slippery snow, which made for an fun, intense, running/sprint workout extra challenging. We were lucky to have more newbies and an out of town visitor, who waited patiently for the tag to function properly….

We think it was pretty cool to explore our city via walk, run, job, skate, and lunge. We had the opportunity to see the city at beautiful times of the day, with not many people awake…. Well, for a lot of those mornings, it was a little dark, so it was a bit hard to see, but we did see all your beautiful faces.

January felt a little more fun and a little more badass with #bridgemonth. This was the first trial of changing locations on a weekly basis. It was SO cool to see everyone running up to the location, slighty unsure for a very brief period of time, until the familiar jackets, hats, buffs and light up equipment came into view. We were always wondering if everyone would find us. And in case you are reading this and keep showing up at Parliament hill, we’ll may never know. (FYI- if this is you, check our socials, we always post the location and we’d also like to know what kind of workouts you have been doing on your own up there, your ideas are probably great).

#Bridgemonth may have created a need for a little more planning and little more time to find a place to park or run to, and it may have been a little bit cooler with the wind chill. That may have stopped some of you from coming, and that’s okay, we know we’ll see you again soon. For others, maybe nothing can stop you. Maybe NP mornings are part of your routine and you can’t stand the thought of missing out. Either way, we like that as plans were changed and modified, for canal closures, for wild weather conditions, for battling the elements, nothing stopped you and you went with the flow. We have had to learn to change the routes, you may have had to know your limits, and take the modified route, and know the limits of your slippery shoes, or maybe you have learned that you are limitless with your spikes #safetythird. We found our limits within residential areas and some disgruntled dog walkers. Maybe we have a be a little more ninja-like, and although someday they may understand that we’re just trying to create positivity every where we bounce and play, we still want to always be respectful. We want to always welcome everyone, but not disturb neighbourhoods too much, recognizing it’s not FOR everyone first thing in the morning. Other people have cool morning things as well that are quieter than ours and we don’t want to disrupt that.

We like that no matter what those changes were, or conditions were, you went with the flow, you showed up, without knowing what to expect…. again. The tribe members who have been around for a while know how meaningful it is to make the newbies feel welcome and part of our community.

Thanks for always going with the flow, tribe. We love you. We love you so much that we want to see you again this Saturday for anyone who wants to join a skating social- Saturday morning 8am departure from Patterson’s Creek. Followed by breakfast. Because isn’t that just about the best way to start your weekend?

Here’s to bringing “soles” together.

Liz and Lauren



  • Saturday Social: Saturday morning 8am- Meet at Patterson’s Creek for Rideau Canal skate, followed by breakfast
  • MEC Race- first of the season this Sunday- 5/10Km- Sign up online before Feb.8, 2018 http://events.mec.ca/node/198561
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