You Smell What I’m Stepping In? San Francisco Prom 2014

San Francisco is classing up the November Project world. For some reason, completely unknown to the McClayton, racers are now dressing up in their Sunday best for PR Wednesday. Whether it be Brad Geswein’s floor length sparkle gown, or Tantek’s three piece suit, the tribe looked oddly good as they gathered in Alamo Square this morning. Word on the street is that people are even talking about possibly eliminating cursing from their NPSF routine. But we all know that’s a fucking lie.

PR Wednesday welcomed a handful of newbies who dramatically increased the height median of the tribe. Crew guys and gals are always welcome at NP as you make me feel little. But that’s going into a whole psych therapy session I just don’t have time to address.

Oh, and Claire Bernard, you were spotted by yours truly running in GG Park post NP workout. Stella is a dead giveaway. All our birthday ladies were missing this morning and so Laura was forced to wear the Birthday Boa for the remainder of the morning, the drive into work, and may or may not be wearing it right now as she types this.



Men:                                   Women:

1.Andy C.    17:18          1. Josefine K. 23:31

2.Hutch       18:05         2. Katy K.         23:57

3. Zip            18:34         3.  Laura Ch.     24:13

4.Jorge       18:51            4. Kelsie            24:22

5. Dan M.    19:00         5. Esthena        24:50

6. Ben          19:05          6.  Erin  Rose  25:49

7. Connor A 19:10         7.  Kylie              26:02

8. Pete K.      19:20       8. Victoria       26:19

9. Jake+2 guys+Gethyn 21:55    9.  Jessica    26:35

10. See Above                  10.    Rachel     26:39








FRIDAY HILLS: COIT TOWER IN NORTH BEACH! Get ready to climb some steps with insane sunrise views of both bridges. 6:24AM. Coit Tower parking lot.

Stay Classy, SF.





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