FREE GUM! and encore snowy bullshit: Baltimore

This morning is best summed up in the words of a tribe member, Liz Dende. “It’s nice to know that there are other people as crazy as you out there,” she told me. Liz, we at NP_BAL couldn’t agree more. So we would like to start things off by saying thank you to our tribe. You guys are the best fucking part of the week and things will only keep getting better. Better than free gum, you say? Yes, even better than free gum!

The weather slowed race day down just a little bit so, as Steve Earley pointed out, our PRs will be super awesome when there isn’t snow pelting our faces. PR day wasn’t postponed though, we fought the weather and finished our workouts like the champs we are. You don’t order the Grand Slam Breakfast and then not finish your toast! No, this tribe eats stairs for breakfast and we eat all the stairs. Hell, we’re the Denny’s of Breakfast workouts.

We had some new faces with us today which got the tribe even more pumped for a slogging PR day. Hannah joined us from some far off land and we couldn’t have been happier to have her running the hill with us. We were also joined by Mr. Yen from PLOWon gum. Mr. Yen brought us all free energy gum samples to get us through whatever crazy endeavors we have planned in the coming weeks. I’ll be chewing my gum through the next episode of True Detectives…I need the extra energy to figure out what the hell Rust is mumbling about. Welcome to the tribe guys, we look forward to having you on board.

Last but not least we debuted our own positivity stick and our first winner. Now, down in Baltimore, we don’t have all the fancy engraved sticks that some of you other tribes might have. What we do have is a broken stool leg, crushed by Nick’s fat ass, spray painted with a homemade stencil carved by Nick’s fat hands. Beggars can’t be choosers…plus, it’s the thought that counts.

So, here’s to Julie Cozzetto, this week’s Positivity Stick (or what we like to call “how not to make a positivity stick, positivity stick”) winner. Julie has been with us from the get go. She’s an endless bundle of energy, hugs and good cheer and is the originator of our traditional group hug. Of all our Wednesdays, including those during the pledge process, Julie has only missed one and that day was fucking Christmas. We forgave her for that…some of us do things on the Holidays. We couldn’t be happier to have met Julie and  to have her as part of this tribe.



Here’s to a great tribe, great friends and great gum. Chew away friends…PLOWon!

P.S…congrats on the most awkward group pic of all time. We’ve done it, now lets top it.


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