PR WEEK (District of Columbia)

October had downpour and Halloween. November had downpour and Turkey. December had Santa. January the cops shutdown the steps. February had a last minute snow…. hold up, FUCK THAT. We came to race today snow and all. New format: 17 Lincoln Logs from the bottom to the top as fast as you can. Throw down.

MAJOR TAKEAWAYS: EVERYONE BRING A WATCH NEXT MONTH. We will have an easy way to record times and build off it.

New people were out and about today. Ben, Danielle, Joe, Allison, KP, welcome to the tribe.

FRIDAY: Georgetown Law School 600 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS: We’ve been toying with how to release #ARCADEMOTORCADE, and the time has come to release lots of information and you to bring home to the friends and family.

WHAT IT IS: a 5ish mile race.
WHERE IT STARS: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. , 20006 March 22nd @ 7 PM.
WHY THE HEADLAMPS: We all live in DC and have all been stopped by a motorcade at some point. That’s what we’re creating. Let your imagination play.
HYPE: Now.
COURSE MAP: Coming Soon



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