You May Not Reach the End

If you’ve never run the Back to the Future workout in Harvard stadium, let me start by introducing you.

We run as many sections as we can, like usual, starting at 37.  We go up the big seats and down the small crimson stairs, from 37 to 36…and on toward section 1 (and maybe even return back toward 37 after we reach section 1).  But when the whistle is blown, you go back one section that you already did, and do it again.  Continue crushing stairs forward until another whistle blows, and go back.  Repeat as many times as the whistle blows.  And if you’ve passed section 19, you go back 2 sections each time.

This workout creates a little dance of “a few sections forward, one section back.”  It’s hard as fuck to attack in the stadium because you think you’re making some progress forward, only to return to where you came from.  Sometimes you feel like you’re running on a treadmill of stadium stairs on Groundhog’s day…just reliving the same section over and over.  It screws with your mind.

And I love this workout for precisely that reason.  We need to get screwed with — to get challenged by having goals and striving for them and sometimes having them be out of reach.  You can either hate Back to the Future because it pushes you out of your comfort zone, or you can love it because it expands you.  It poses the question: will you back off or give up just because you have “extra” sections to do?  Or will the fact that the end of the workout moves farther away make you hungry to fight for the finish?  And if you don’t “finish”–by not reaching section 19, or not reaching section 1, or not hitting the total section goal you set in your head–how will you respond to that?  Is it a good day because you worked your ass off and gave it everything you had on this mid-February Wednesday morning?  You bet your ass it is.  Groundhog day or not, you showed up.  You may not always reach the end.  But you get better because you keep reaching.

The Tribe is Strong

#NP_Homework last call!  Submit by posting on the Insta by 11:59pm tomorrow (thursday) night, with the aforementioned hashtag.  Details here.

See you Friday at Summit Avenue for HILLS.

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