The Tribe Plays Tic Tac Toe


Everyone loves games. I especially love them. Have you ever played Noughts and Crosses? No? Wrong, you did this morning! Man, I wish I would have looked up Tic Tac Toe on Wikipedia pre workout. I could have been making all kinds of Irish jokes about that.

Other things I found when I Wikipediaed (new verb) Tic Tac Toe:
-The setup time is listed as “minimal.” Clearly whoever wrote this has never chalked 50 tic tac toe boards.
-The skills required are “strategy, tactics,” and my personal favorite, “observation.”
-An early variant of the game was played in the Roman Empire around the first century BC.
-Clayton’s grandfather was one of the pioneers of the game in the US. Talk about a legend.

This morning the tribe X’d and O’d their way all over Alta Plaza park. At each corner there were exercises, including the new one, pushup jacks (demonstrated in mid-air, whoops). After marking the boards in chalk on the ground, the Tribe would complete either an X or an O of the park (depending on what they played on the board), completing the exercises along the way. Baller.

Henna won the most games which entitled her to unlimited high fives and free fitness for life. Congratulations, Henna.

Don’t forget NP Homework is still going on. Use your buffs, do weird things, take photos, make us proud. Hills Friday are at Mount Davidson. Paddy will drop a pin as only Paddy can do. Bring a headlamp. See you there.


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